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corporate finance for the wine industry
High quality standards in everything we do.

At Envero Capital Partners we take very seriously to keep a very high service level at everything we do and at any documents we may issue in order to get all our projects presented in a proper and neat way.

Professional attitude and objectivity

We are a guarantee for the investor to enter into serious negotiations. We have the required ability to negotiate in English, Spanish, and other major European languages.

Presence from start to end

We will keep at your side at all stages of the process until the closing of the operation.

Tailor made marketing plan:

We create a tailor made marketing plan for each individual winery to help us to find the right investor in the shortest time.

Blind teaser

In order to keep safe the confidentiality of the data and the name of the winery for sale, and make sure that only those genuinely interested in the operation receive precise information. We issue a 1-page summary containing the main finance figures, reasons behind the transaction, turnover, debts and forecasted figures. With this profile is highly improbable that anybody may figure out exactly the winery we are talking about.

CBR/data package

We prepare a CBR in both English and Spanish. The aim of the CBR is to introduce the operation in an appropriate way to both local and international investors, so they can examine whether the operation is feasible or not and study to buy or invest in the winery.

Due to the relevance of the CBR, we deploy an important amount of time and resources to give a clear idea of the activities of the winery and how these can generate value to a potential investors. To make even more relevant its capacity to generate value we could work on a business plan for the coming years.

The CBR is included at the tailor made marketing plan and it is the tool to make a first great impression on the potential investors, hence the importance of being well structured, and look professional and solid. The CBR will be the base to start conversations about value generation and price.

Nondisclosure Agreement

It is a legal contract between all participating parties in a transaction (advisors, sellers, investors, etc) that outlines confidential information that the parties wish to share with one another for the purpose of selling/buying the winery but wish to restrict access to by third parties.

Shall any of the parties fail to observe the nondisclosure agreement, this could have a negative impact on the development of the operation, alter transaction price, make key personnel to leave the company or create confusion among the employees, client and supplier base as well as banks and other financial institutions.

Any potential investor interested in receiving the CBR and further engage in negotiations must sign our nondisclosure agreement.

Qualifying Investors

All potential investors need to show that they have true motivations behind the transaction and that they have the financial resources to go ahead. Envero Capital Partners analyses among others company facts and figures, company size, positioning, growth strategies, portfolio gaps, and financial resources available to perform the transaction.

Follow-up minutes

Each and every meeting and any relevant phone conversation with potential investors will be registered and follow-up minutes will be passed onto the client. Periodically we issue and submit a report to the client with all actions and steps taken.

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