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Envero Capital Partners as a financial advisor will counsel you on the different possibilities that may suit your case scenario and will help you in the implementation. Our role plays a particular importance if you intent to sell or expand your winery.

The sale of your winery will surely be one of the most important decisions to be taken as a business man. It is a long and complex process and most of the times also quite frustrating due to a number of difficulties that sellers encounter when trying to sell the winery or recruit new capital by their own means. These difficulties are certainly relevant as they play a significant role during the sale itself as well as on the final closing price and selling conditions.

Among others, we talk about valuing the business (what price can I really get?), keep the operation confidential, so that competitors, clients, suppliers and employees stay quiet (and do not alter the closing price or make any potential investor to run away), keep objective during the negotiation, have access to international investors, etc. On top of all these difficulties the owner needs to keep running the business as usual, so the winery does not lose any value.

The main role of Envero Capital Partners is not just to find an investor, but to find the best one, the one to whom a particular winery creates the highest value and hence will be ready to pay a premium price for it.

We can achieve this by making a sound valuation of the winery, assuring confidentiality during the process, making sure that the seller is committed, qualifying investors, keeping objective, and acting as a buffer for emotions for both sides so the negotiation is not damage by personal feelings.

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